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Math Flash cards v1.9

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Before you begin, be sure to select the difficulty setting and math function that you want. These options are at the top of the page and can only be changed after the game has stopped. The difficulty option shows the range of numbers that the problem can be constructed from, (0-10 means the problem can be from 0+0 to 10+10.

To start a session:

1. Click on the 'New Player' button.

2. Enter your name

3. Click on the 'Start game' button to begin answering the problems.

To answer a problem, just click on the button under the answer you want.

The game will keep track of how many answers you get right and wrong and how long it takes you to get the correct answer
(in seconds).

You may stop the game at any time by clicking on the 'Stop game' button. This will put your current score in the High scores area at the bottom.

To switch players, click on the 'New Player' button. As you switch players, the previous player's score will be added to the High scores area.

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