At Mimi the Artist’s store on you will find the sweet and cuddly little characters from the book series printed on an assortment of items, including tote bags, cocoa mugs, t-shirts and more. Pair your Zazzle purchase with the actual hardcover storybooks and softcover coloring books to make a great gift!

You will also find a variety of Collections, including the "Buddies Collection".  These are drawings of lovable bears, each depicting a different hobby or profession.  Each series comes with between 1 little buddy and up to 4 little buddies, standing with the Big Buddy who is their role model!  Perfect gifts for someone who has their own little buddy!  Examples: Firefighter Buddies; Fishing Buddies; Carpenter Buddies and more!

The Adventures of Mimi the Artist book series is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble; several stores and directly from Mimi.

Many of the designs found in the Color & Frame Coloring Book series are available on Mimi's mugs, aprons, tote bags, t-shirts and more - combine items to make the PERFECT gift!