Mimi the Artist® is an Art Teacher AND the author and illustrator of a children’s book series “The Adventures of Mimi the Artist”.

A “do-it-yourself-er,” Melchiori is the self-published author and illustrator of The Adventures of Mimi the Artist, a book series aimed at children ages 3 to 9 that follows the adventures of Mimi and her friends, whose paper cutouts lie scattered on the desk: Butters the cat, Flutters the butterfly, Clover the dog, Little Brown Bear the bear, Rollie the rabbit and Indie the magical paintbrush. Each book offers a lesson about art. The first story — which spans three books, each 32 pages long — introduces the group and talks about primary and secondary colors. The second story is about beekeeping, which it uses to teach children about shapes.

-Vincent Jiang, Staff Writer
The Williams Record
May 1, 2019

Lynn’s years of experience as an art instructor spans many communities throughout Berkshire County in Massachusetts. As a full-time Art Teacher for both the Central Berkshire Regional School District and, prior to that, the North Adams Public Schools (she was previously known as Lynn Singer), she was able to successfully develop a varied curriculum that met the needs of all learning styles and abilities.

While offering both small group instruction and private lessons for all ages as a freelancer, Lynn has been able to use her professional experience to help others realize their artistic potential.

Lynn’s favorite visual medium is watercolors along with the use of pen and ink to add emphasis and definition to her work. No art medium, though, is beyond her interest. Currently she has been busy painting on wood using acrylics and learning how to use a Dremel Rotary Tool to carve into wood. Photos of her practice projects will be uploaded soon.

Her children’s book series (available on Amazon) provides a combination of art and adventure for young children.  The 4th book in the series, Bee Friends, explains some of the basics of bee keeping while teaching about shapes!

Mimi the Artist® has a YouTube Channel which offers simple art lessons.

Mimi the Artist® is a Registered Trademark: July 7, 2015

“Covering the concepts of shading and perspective, I have taught the utilization of a variety of art medium to help increase understanding and how to convey a sense of a 3rd dimension in a 2 dimensional work space. As the student learns how to manipulate line to portray shape, distance, volume and emotion in their drawing they also have been taught how to view objects with a heightened sense of awareness….. Skills developed while learning how to draw improve one’s ability in critical thinking as he or she works to conceptualize a form and then to render it in a creative, individual interpretation. These skills then branch outward to all other disciplines both academic and social.”

– Lynn M. Melchiori, BFA; M.Ed

Many of the drawings are available on mugs, T-shirts, and more!