Mimi loves to create wonderful designs and has so many fun ideas on how she can place them on mugs; t-shirts; aprons; wall art; clocks; hats… anything and everything! Mimi also writes children’s books! Explore the various “SHOPS” Mimi has already set up!


Buddies Collection
A design with up to 4 “little” buddies with a BIG Buddy.
A variety of hobbies and interests-
Including Carpenters; Firefighters; Softball; Fishing, and MORE!


The children’s book series: The Adventures of Mimi the Artist ™ provides a fun adventure story that also includes an art lesson!

Honey Bee Collection
Sweet little honey bee drawings AND photos of Mimi the Artist’s own bees all printed on a variety of clothing, bags, giftware, and MORE

Mystical and Magical Collection
Phone Cases, leggings, hoodies, T-Shirts and MORE!

Garden Lovers Collection
Do you love to garden?
Are you searching for the perfect gift for an avid gardener?

Many of the drawings are available on mugs, T-shirts, and more!