This was a fun project from start to finish!  I had been asked to try to repair a damaged religious painting that had a gold leaf background.  I had never worked with this type of paint but I enjoy a good challenge!  (Thank you, Father Matthew, for entrusting me with your painting!).  Once I finished with the repair I was intrigued with how pretty the glossy gold paint looks so I decided to use two small scraps of wood and experiment.  The 1st picture on this page displays the finished paintings.  The glossy finish doesn’t show up too well in my photo though.  The other photos show the various steps I took.  I have a fair sized collection of Field Guides in a variety of subjects, they provide great inspiration.  Pinterest and other searches online are okay, but, in my opinion, NOTHING is as good as a book in hand!

Experimenting with pain and wood Painting on wood  

This final photo shows the very beginnings of similar paintings!

Many of the drawings are available on mugs, T-shirts, and more!